Danza Classica

Con il metodo della Royal Academy of Dance di Londra, la scuola offre vari livelli d'insegnamento. I corsi partono dal Propedeutica (5 anni) fino al livello Advanced con un corso per adolescenti e adulti principianti. Inoltre, ogni due anni gli allievi della scuola media e superiore possono affrontare un esame organizzato dalla RAD di Londra.

Danza NeoJazz

Questa disciplina di danza unisce tecnica classica e stile tradizionale seguendo un metodo codificato, distingue otto livelli di insegnamento partendo dal NeoJazz Junior (8 anni) fino al NeoJazz Adulti (principianti).

Danza Contemporanea

E' un lavoro corporeo che sviluppa tecniche contemporanee come release tecnique, floor-work, contact e improvvisazione per strutturare un metodo personale d'insegnamento con qui espande sullo spazio virtuale.

Hip Hop

Questa danza che non ha bisogno di presentazione possiede le sue radici ventennali derivante dalle strade degli Stati Uniti. Da noi viene insegnata con il metodo old e new school accompagnato dalla musica Rap o R' n B'.

Danza del ventre

La Danza del Ventre è un modo d'espressione metaforico e magico, che si nutre della simbologia femminile. Si basa su movimenti ondulatori, soprattutto del bacino, sinuosi lenti e brevi che sembrano fare davvero bene al corpo ed allo spirito. La danza del ventre migliora il benessere del corpo: aumenta la percezione e la consapevolezza del proprio corpo, potenzia l'espressione corporea e la sensualità, migliora la respirazione, la circolazione e il portamento, esprime giovinezza e vitalità, allevia i dolori mestruali e i dolori di schiena.

Hans Camille Vancol

Artistic Director – Neojazz

Trained at Les Ballets jazz de Montréal where he became principal dancer, then soloist at Le Ballet du Grand Theatre de Genève and principal at Il Balletto di Venezia where he danced with illustrious partners creations by Mats Ek, Jiri Kylian, Louis Falco, Birgit Cullberg and participated in numerous Italian TV shows as a guest principal dancer.

From the year 2000, he is director of the Vic Ballet Academy and after more than thirty five years of experience as a dancer, teacher and choreographer, Hans has codified a syllabus of jazz dancing called Neo Jazz that he’s been teaching for the last fifteen years. He is currently finishing to write a book about the method.
Additionally, he has been the artistic director of Dream On, the drug prevention project promoted by the Veneto Region and the Regional Observatory of Addiction and he obtained numerous awards for directing dance shows and dance videos.

Giovanna Fantini


Giovanna started very young her ballet training and then, left Italy to continue her studies at Princess Grace Academy of Monte Carlo under the direction of Marika Besobrasova.

Followed by the John Cranko School in Stuttgart where she held her diploma. Subsequently, she went ahead with her dance career in Italian and European dance companies, among others, Opera di Roma, Teatro Verdi in Trieste, Teatro San Carlo in Naples and Teatro Bellini in Catania. Since 1996, she has been a member of the Arena di Verona Dance Company and from 2005, she started her teaching profession following Laura Fanetti’s method.
She has been teaching at the Vic Ballet since 2012.

Erika Masu

Contemporary and ballet

Erika Masu was trained at the Vic Ballet School for the last eleven years. During that time, she participated to numerous choreographic workshops held by world known artists.

In 2009 she was accepted at the Alvin Ailey Summer School for six weeks where she learned other disciplines like Horton technique. In 2011 she was offered a scholarship at the London Contemporary Dance School and during these three years, she has gained confidence as a dancer and has expanded her teaching experience by working as a Teaching Assistant for the Children and Youth Dance Department.

In April 2013 Erika goes to Luanda (Angola) for two weeks as Guest Teacher at the International Dance Festival “Dom Da Dança, Dom Do Deus”. In 2014 she graduated and started a course for Dance Teaching and Learning at the Trinity Laban.
She is now teaching contemporary and ballet at the Vic and assists Hans in organizing various events.

Alessandra Piano

With a BA in psychology and a certification in Pet Therapy, Alessandra, since the age of five years old, studied ballet, firstly through the RAD method, then, Vaganova at the Scala di Milano. At eight, she chose to study contemporary dance with the Horton method.

In 2011, she danced with the company Ex Novo Danza directed by Cristiano Cappello in which she assisted him. In the same year she started teaching in public and private dance schools.

In 2017, she entered the ADT program directed by Greta Bragantini, giving her the opportunity to dance in the Iuvenis Danza company also directed by Bragantini and Venturini.

She is currently teaching modern dance at the Vic Ballet Academy.

Silvia Barbieri


She started with ballet at an early age and at 14 she approached contemporary dance that became her true passion.
In July 2002 she graduated at London Contemporary Dance School where she has the opportunity to work with internationally renowned choreographers including Philippe Decouflé, Merce Cunningham, Wayne Mc Gregor, Richard Alston and many others. She then joined Edge and starts touring in Europe.

In 2004, she started her True Pilates training course at the American School of Romana Krizanowska, earning her a certificate of Romana’s Pilates instructor in January 2006. Also in 2011, opening her own True Pilates Verona studio, she became one of the few educators in Italy recognized by the True Pilates New York school.

It is a pleasure to welcome her again as our Adult Contemporary dance teacher.

Anat Weinberger

Artistic Director – Ballet

She was trained at the Bat-Dor School of Dance in Tel Aviv and later joined the company, dancing works by Hans van Manen, Paul Taylor, Lar Lubovich, Oscar Araiz and others. After years of international touring with the Bat-Dor Dance Company, Anat decided to move to London to develop other forms of performing arts enrolling herself to the Desmond Jones School of Mime and Physical Theatre. That training enabled her to work in the theatre scene in London collaborating with actors and dancers.

Later on, she continued her studying obtaining the Professional Dance Teacher Certificate at the Royal Academy of Dance in London.

Since then, she teaches, choreographs and is the artistic director of the Vic Ballet School.

Giorgio Azzone


Giorgio started dance in his native Puglia where he obtained very good results with his RAD training. In 2006, he went to Milan where he obtained a diploma at the Teatro Carcano.

In 2008, he was offered a scholarship at the London Contemporary Dance School where he finished his BA and underwent his career as a dancer, teacher and choreographer. in spring 2012, he became a member of the RBR Dance Company in Verona.
He is now teaching contemporary dance at the Vic Ballet School.

Alessia Olivieri

Hip Hop

Alessandra started her dance training with ballet, jazz and modern at the age of nine years old followed with urban dance of wich she dedicated herself totally in 2010 under the wing of Samar Khorwash (DaCruDanceCompany) becoming his assistant.

In 2012, she began her professional training at Cruisin’Arts MC Hip-Hop School, directed by Marisa Ragazzo and Omid Ighani, obtaining a diploma after a three years period.

In 2013, she continued her training at Urban Dance Academy, where she specialized in Hip-Hop, House and Video Dance. In 2016, she becomes assistant at NOHA, professional training school in Milan and Modena and is a performer in the MAKI dance company directed by Marisa Ragazzo.

She is actually teaching Hip hop at the Vic Ballet Academy.

Francesco Paoletto

He started ballroom dancing at three years old and still as a boy, won the first prize in the Italian Championship.

When he was a teenager, he decided to learn, ballet, hip hop, jazz and contemporary dance. But it is mainly with André De La Roche, that he considers a mentor and a friend, that Francesco perfected the Bob Fosse style which he has been teaching for the last ten years in numerous private dance schools of the Veronese region.

He also trained in theatre and singing, due to his vocal extension.

From this year, he is teaching Broadway Jazz at the Vic Ballet Academy.